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Bribery, Extortion & Blackmail

Extortion Attorneys:  Blackmail, Bribery

When you or your business is accused of illegally influencing another, your situation could be serious. The best approach to protect your interests is to speak with an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney. At The Blanch Law Firm, in Manhattan, the lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience. They counsel and advocate for clients facing charges of bribery, extortion or blackmail. The firm has had a number of large cases dismissed and provides a full range of white collar crime and other criminal defense services.

The Law on Extortion

Charges of extortion accuse a defendant of obtaining goods or services through threatening behavior, such as threats to commit a violent crime or to accuse a victim of actually committing a crime. Blackmail is a form of extortion that occurs when a person threatens to disclose another person’s or organization’s secret, causing damage. Bribery is another form of extortion, attempting to influence a person by giving money or items of value.

Attorneys at The Blanch Law Firm are well-equipped to handle even the most difficult blackmail defense cases. Experience has shown us that hard work is the best way to achieve favorable results. So, lawyers at the firm dedicate extensive resources and energy to creating effective defenses. This approach has helped the firm achieve a great deal of success, including dismissals of many high-profile, serious charges.

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